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Can you remove cellulite?

Will I be displayed on the website?

The removal of acne, blemishes, bruises, scratches, stretch marks, veins and cellulite is part of the retouching process and included in the cost of your package.

I take your privacy very seriously! There is a privacy policy & model release placed in your contract to choose if you would like them to be or not.  I often work with nurses, school teachers, public figures, and many professionals so I understand the importance of privacy. Everyone displayed on my website/blog/advertising was excited to give me written permission to do so. You are in no way obligated to share your images publicly.

I don't know how to pose, do you help me?

Do I bring my own clothes?

Do I have to get naked?

Will my photographer be female?

Do you offer payment plans

What is the "Boudie Bank" payment option?

Do you offer products?

Should I tan?

Do you have a referral program?

Of course, I do! All the women in my portfolios are posed by me. I help guide through posing for each image. Most women have never been in front of a pro camera before. I love photographing women of all ages, sizes, and shapes. We absolutely don't expect you to know how to pose. I love coaching through poses!

I strongly recommend you do. Bringing items you own is for comfort that it will fit you, and it allows you to wear what makes you feel good. I also have a client closet of lingerie with sanitary disposable panty liners for some added options. 

No! Absolutely not. We can do implied nudes if you would like (for example, your silhouette, back or carefully placed hands and sheets). 

Yes! We pride ourselves on being an all-female company!

Yes! We offer payment plans leading up to your session date. We offer financing via Paypal as well as Pre Session Payment Plans called the "Boudie Bank". We do not offer payment plans after session date. 

Pre-payment plans can be set up however works best for you! We can do bi-weekly, monthly and for up to 12 months prior to your session date. You must fill out a card authorization form consenting to automatic payments. You must keep two valid forms of payment on file. You will be required to sign a payment contract. You must also indicate agreement that all payments made during a payment plan are non-refundable and on auto-pay. You can not downgrade after payments have begun. No refunds will be issued. In order to qualify for a payment plan, your order total must be a minimum of $800 before taxes. Your initial downpayment is 25% of the total order cost, including taxes and fees.

Yes! We offer albums, prints, glass keepsake, metal wall art and much more. When inquiring we will chat about your budget, payment plan options and products you may want as options.

Please no spray tans 4-6 weeks before your session. It stains evrything and it does not photograph well. We discourage the use of tanning beds within 3 weeks prior to your session.

Yes! For every client you refer that books a boudoir session, you receive $100 in Queen Bux to use toward a future session. Only 1 $100 Queen Bux can be redeemed per session. 

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